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Have you always wanted to practice self-care; have a healthy lifestyle; create a sacred space; release weight; start a business; have more abundance; or, start a creative project? The InnerGenius™ Circle exists to create a safe space for you to connect with others in their quest to be, do and have all that sparks joy from within, through learning and implementing the inspired actions in Meerabai's InnerGenius™ ebooks and from the inner genius of your own soul.

People usually choose books based on topics that they'd like to start (being, doing, or having) in their lives, but have not started yet...Why? Because they either don't have the time, or do not know how to begin. The InnerGenius™ ebooks will serve as a catalyst of inspiration...a spark that could kindle the fire within to take the first step towards starting that something that, up 'til now, you've only dreamed about.

Create with Us

Amidst the virus that has us all at home learning a new way to live, it's the perfect time to come together in this sacred space to exchange ideas, experiences, resources and tips on starting a new habit, a new project, or a new you. 

As your host, I will help guide your action steps as well as offer accountability as you move forward with this virtual circle of friends. Let us support and encourage each other as we emerge from surviving to thriving—being, doing, having, and giving all that sparks joy from within.

Here, our goal is to keep a flow of energy moving in a direction that feels right for you, helping you to tap into your inner power and to energize your intentions, goals, and dreams.

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